Monday, October 6, 2008

Broccoli Salad

This recipe is going to be very very simple. My hubby used to be a broccoli hater and my amma changed his opinion about broccoli with this simple dish. If you have some veggie haters at home this is a must try.

Get started if you have the following in hand


1. Broccoli - 1 lb (small pieces)
2.Whole Red chilly - 6 numbers(crushed)
3.Garlic - 6 cloves(crushed)
4.Olive oil - 2 spoons
5.Salt -to taste


1.Boil water and add salt. Add broccoli to boiling water and let it cook for 2 minutes.Drain off the water.
2.Heat 2 spoon olive oil in a pan and add crushed garlic and red chillies.Stir for 1 minute.
3.Add broccoli and mix well for 1 minute.Serve hot.


gp said...

this is awesome... Even I never liked broccoli. But this is really good.

sheetal said...

Broccoli salad is yummy.Tried it today.I will make it over and over again.Its easy and consumes less time.