Thursday, October 9, 2008


Unnakai is a very delicious sweet made in malabar muslim households. During fast breaking or ifthaar unnakai is a must.
Ripe plantain is the main ingredient in this sweet. The recipe that follows is not the authentic one. This variation of the sweet was born after amma's improvisation.


1.2 ripe plantains
2.half cup coconut
3.2 spoons ghee
4.half spoon cardamom powder egg white
6.bread crumbs to coat
7.oil to fry


1.Steam the plantain.
2.Add ghee to non stick pan. Add the coconut to hot ghee and saute it for one minute and switch off the flame.
3.Add peeled-cooked-mashed plantain and cardamom powder. If the plantain is not sweet add sugar at this stage.
4.Make small balls of this mixture and dip it in beaten egg white and then in breadcrumbs and fry in hot oil till golden brown.

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