Thursday, October 9, 2008

Paal Paayasam

Paal paayasam is the all time favorite sweet of Kerala . It is considered so wonderful that its offered to God in temples. Ambalapuzha temple is known for the delicious paal payasam made there.

Today is Vijayadashami and Amma made Paal payasam.Recipe follows. Its as simple as 1-2-3.


1.7 cups of milk
2.half cup of rice(pachari -white rice) and a half cups of sugar
4.2 spoons of butter
5.cashews fried in butter for garnishing(optional)


1.Place washed rice,milk,butter and sugar in a pressure cooker and bring to boil by stirring occasionally.
2.After the mixture boils place the pressure cooker lid and cook it on medium flame till one whistle.Now reduce
to low flame and let it cook for 5 more minutes.
3.Shut the flame off and open the cooker after 10-15 minutes. Garnish with fried cashews and serve.

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